Increase in online shopping across Central and Eastern Europe is here to stay, but it must be green

Tue, 15. December 2020
Corrugated solutions
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  • Just under half of Central and Eastern European (CEE) consumers (45%) are doing more online shopping in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Just under nine out of 10 (86%) new online shoppers say they will continue to ‘click and buy’
  • Eight out of 10 (80%) people say eco-friendly packaging is important, with over half (57%) willing to pay more for packaging that meets all of their needs
  • Nearly half (49%) of consumers also experienced new online retailers, websites and brands


Annual consumer research on packaging and shopping trends across CEE markets commissioned by leading packaging and paper group Mondi, in association with Karmasin Research & Identity,* reveals a surge in online shopping across five Central and Eastern European countries. The study revealed that almost half of consumers (45%) are doing more shopping online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic than previously. With nearly nine out of 10 (86%) of those new to buying online in 2020 saying they will continue to shop via the internet.

Suitable packaging plays a key role in creating a positive online shopping experience, with over half of respondents (57%) confirming they are willing to pay up to three euros more for online goods delivered in packaging they can rely on to meet all of their needs, including protection of goods, easy handling and being environmentally friendly. This preference increases to three quarters (76%) in Poland.

Sustainable packaging remains important for consumers, with over three quarters (77%) citing this as a key requirement. This is nearly identical to findings from last year at 78%. Furthermore, eight out of ten (80%) cite green ways of disposing of their packaging, such as recycling, as important. This is unchanged from last year.

Due to the pandemic, consumers also experienced new online retailers, websites and brands with almost half of all respondents (49%) making new online purchases.


The global coronavirus pandemic has seen an acceleration in online shopping beyond expectations for 2020, in particular in new markets across Central and Eastern Europe, with many consumers experiencing new retailers, websites and brands. However, this change has not seen consumers compromise on their appetite to have their online shopping delivered wrapped in sustainable packaging. We have been working hard in collaboration with our e-commerce customers to provide the best packaging solutions to deliver on their sustainability commitments and ensure expectations are met for the eco-conscious end-consumer. The research also confirms that corrugated packaging is yet again the preferred material choice because of its environmental friendliness, ease of disposal and easy opening and reuse.

Armand Schoonbrood, COO of Corrugated Solutions at Mondi

"2020 has demonstrated that consumer habits have evolved through necessity but these changes are likely to see long term change. Retailers will have to adapt their buying experience if they are to succeed in the future and adapt to consumers' changing needs. Furthermore, it is reassuring that while shopping habits have changed, focus on sustainability remains important for consumers," said Sophie Karmasin, Founder at Karmasin Research & Identity.

Sustainability sits firmly at the heart of Mondi’s strategy and customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions. By asking the right questions and guided by the principles of ‘replace, reduce, recycle’, Mondi develops bespoke, smart, fit-for-purpose packaging solutions for customers. A holistic approach to packaging ensures that Mondi’s focus is on being sustainable by design. 



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