Mondi positions itself to become one of the leading suppliers of premium recycled paper with its NAUTILUS® brand

Fri, 12. June
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  • Launch of three new products- NAUTILUS® ProCycle, NAUTILUS® ProCycle high-speed inkjet and NAUTILUS® SuperWhite for HP Indigo
  • Alongside a new brand design, customers will also benefit from a broad range of sample portfolios and will experience the papers' versatility with new marketing tools and inspiring stories on
  • The expanded range has good availability across Europe and beyond due to an established distribution network

Mondi, global leader in packaging and paper, is paving the way to become one of the leading suppliers of premium recycled paper with its established brand NAUTILUS®. Over the past few months, the business has initiated several steps to meet increasing demand for premium recycled paper and goes to the heart of Mondi's approach to sustainability.  


Milestones that have been achieved:


Brand refresh “For the Love of Nature”

As part of the NAUTILUS® brand update, Mondi developed a new brand design entitled “For the love of nature” in line with putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do. The key visual shows the scenery of Lake Gosau, in Upper Austria, the home of the NAUTILUS® brand. The brand symbol has its origin in nature too - the NAUTILUS® snail – is based on the golden ratio. In order to offer its customers the variety of the NAUTILUS® papers, Mondi has developed new marketing and sales tools and a broad portfolio of samples for its office and professional printing applications. Through its inspirational platform,, customers can draw inspiration from stories about the brand and learn about its commitment to sustainability.


New products under the NAUTILUS® brand

In 2020, Mondi launched three new members of the NAUTILUS® family, NAUTILUS® ProCycle, NAUTILUS® ProCycle high-speed inkjet and NAUTILUS® SuperWhite for HP Indigo.

  • NAUTILUS® ProCycle is a 100% recycled office paper meeting the highest environmental standards. It is CO2 neutral and offers EU Ecolabel, FSCTM and Blue Angel certification. The paper has a high degree of whiteness (UV 100 / CIE whiteness 135), which is achieved without using optical brighteners in the production process. Therefore, NAUTILUS® ProCycle is currently the only recycled paper on the market that is produced in line with the new standards of the Blue Angel ecolabel. It is available in 80 g/m² A4 and A3 sizes.
  • NAUTILUS® ProCycle high-speed inkjet is especially tailored to high-speed inkjet printing presses. It is available in reels of 80 and 90 g/m2. Its special surface treatment for dye and pigment inks retains ink on the paper surface for crisper colours with lower ink consumption. Additionally, it is optimised for quick water absorption, fast drying, no offsetting and, consequently, increased productivity.
  • NAUTILUS® SuperWhite for HP Indigo is the ideal sustainable alternative to bright white paper made from virgin fibre as it is produced entirely from post-consumer waste paper and with a CIE whiteness level of 150. The entire range, from 80 to 350 gsm, is certified for HP Indigo presses, which is ideal for runnability, blanket compatibility and ElectroInk adhesion.

Extended portfolio and availability

In the first half of 2019, Mondi recognised that there was a shortage of uncoated recycled fine paper in Europe in the market place yet huge demand. In response to this, Mondi’s recycled paper NAUTILUS® has been extended to include a full portfolio for professional print and office applications to meet this increased demand. Produced at Mondi's Neusiedler mill, Mondi has been working with leading distributors across Europe and beyond to make the NAUTILUS® brand available to customers. Mondi is the only supplier that offers a recycling portfolio for all printing technologies such as high-speed inkjet, HP Indigo, laser and offset printing.


At Mondi we believe all our products should be sustainable by design. With our broad portfolio, strong supply and distribution partnerships as well as our considered approach to natural resource use which is reflected in our new NAUTILUS® brand design, we want to ensure that our customers find the right recycled paper for diverse applications, be it for industrial, office or personal purposes.

Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director at Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper

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