That’s a wrap! Mondi’s new Advantage StretchWrap paper offers a more sustainable choice for pallet wrapping

Thu, 17. June 2021
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  • Mondi’s first to market Advantage StretchWrap paper is designed to wrap pallets for transport
  • This innovative paper solution replaces the multi-layer plastic which is currently the industry standard for pallet wrapping
  • Mondi partnered with machine producer ACMI to develop the comprehensive paper wrapping system

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, collaborated with the Italian machine producer ACMI to create a new wrapping system for pallets that uses paper instead of plastic. By transforming the way pallets are wrapped, Advantage StretchWrap reduces the supply chain’s reliance on plastic, moving to a renewable and fully recyclable material.


Advantage StretchWrap (patent-pending) is a brand new lightweight paper grade from Mondi made specially for wrapping pallets. It is able to stretch and resist punctures, providing robust protection for goods during transit. The current industry standard for pallet wrapping is a multi-layer plastic material with low recycling rates. The Advantage StretchWrap paper, along with ACMI’s Rocket E-500 wrapping system, makes it possible to switch to a fully recyclable pallet wrapping solution.

The paper’s impressive stretchability and high-tensile strength makes it a reliable alternative for transport. Acceleration tests to simulate transportation with ESTL equipment (performed according to EUMOS 40509(1)) and real life transportation trials confirmed that pallets wrapped with Advantage StretchWrap are safe.


Mondi’s experience in high-stretch papers is in the DNA of this new paper solution. Mondi has been producing strong, stretchable paper for wrapping spring mattresses for over 20 years. Continuous developments for the paper parameters in strength, stretch, and reduced grammage made it possible to consider new applications. Now, after two years of research and development, we are proud to launch Advantage StretchWrap, our innovative paper-based solution for pallet wrapping. It is a great example of how we are making packaging and paper sustainable by design, using paper where possible, plastic when useful.

Paulus Goess, Sales Director Specialty Kraft Paper, Mondi

“Working together with Mondi on this new solution is an exciting step towards using recyclable paper for pallet wrapping. This partnership shows how innovations in paper and machine technology can align to increase the number of options available for companies who are looking for more sustainable alternatives,” said Luigi Brugnoli, Global Sales Director, ACMI.

Advantage StretchWrap is responsibly sourced from renewable materials in Scandinavia. Strong recycling rates in Europe for fibre-based packaging(2) and availability of paper waste streams ensure that the paper can be recycled at the end of its life, contributing to a circular economy.

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About Mondi

Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper, contributing to a better world by making innovative packaging and paper solutions that are sustainable by design. Our business is integrated across the value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions. Sustainability is at the centre of our strategy and intrinsic in the way we do business. We lead the industry with our customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, where we ask the right questions to find the most sustainable solution. In 2020, Mondi had revenues of €6.66 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.35 billion.

Mondi has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange (MNDI), and a secondary listing on the JSE Limited (MNP). Mondi is a FTSE 100 constituent, and has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series since 2007.

About ACMI

Founded in 1984 in the province of Parma, Italy, ACMI is a private company. The company was born and grew up in the world of secondary packaging systems and ends-of-line, specialising in the beverage, food and pet food sectors. The rich cultural heritage in terms of know-how, the important technological level achieved and the remarkable organisational flexibility make ACMI one of the most respected companies in the packaging engineering on a global scale. With the recent introduction of the pallet stretch wrapper with kraft paper, ACMI traces a new direction in the production of “plastic-free” packaging systems.

1) EUMOS 40509 is a standard that analyses load stiffness by applying a test that simulates the horizontal accelerations and decelerations inherent in typical transport distribution cycles.
2) EUROSTAT 2020