Your return on investment: easy returnability thanks to our Re(use) functionality of our corrugated box

Fri, 26. April
Re(use), e-commerce, packaging solutions
by Mondi Newsroom

Shopping online is a global growing trend which is here to stay. By 2021, e-commerce sales are projected to reach around USD 4.9 trillion worldwide. We at Mondi understand that the nature of e-commerce also evolves your packaging requirements as an e-retailer.


Packaging is no longer just a protective box that carries goods from A to B. It’s an experience. As the only physical contact between you and your customer, it is an elementary component that can significantly contribute to brand loyalty and support sales growth in a variety of ways.

If you consider the consistent growth of online purchases, it’s only natural that the volume of items returned will also increase. According to recent statistics, at least 30% of all products ordered online are returned as compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores.

We understand that handling these returns efficiently is a top priority – given that the average cost per returned item is approximately EUR 10. Smart and convenient packaging solutions designed for easy return can help you to unbox great sources of potential for your business.

On the one hand, they can ensure that the items returned by your customers arrive undamaged and can be quickly reused for your next sales. On the other hand, reusability of packaging is key for over 80% of online consumers, an important factor considering that packaging makes a crucial contribution to overall consumer perceptions of e-retailers. Many consumers believe it shows how much a retailer cares about them. Studies show that 92% of customers would buy from the same retailer again if returns are made easy.

However, returning an item can involve multiple hurdles, ranging from having to tape up the packaging by hand to repacking the goods entirely if packaging is destroyed upon being opened. This can be especially frustrating for customers, as they don’t usually keep packaging at home for such an event. At the same time, today’s consumers have developed a greater awareness for sustainability. The possibility to reuse the same packaging an item was delivered in for returns and thereby reduce waste contributes to a positive brand experience.


To support you in meeting these demands, we developed a broad range of packaging solutions specifically for e-commerce with additional functionality, which focus on simplifying returns and creating a positive customer experience. One of these is our Re(use) corrugated box: a one-piece shipping solution featuring a double hot-melt application.


During box production, special machinery applies two strips of tape. The first hot-melt strip is used during fulfilment to tightly seal the package for dispatch, making additional plastic foil wrapping or bagging obsolete. The convenient tear-open strip – located between the two hot-melt strips – gives consumers easy access to their products upon receipt.

If the product is not to their liking, they can simply reuse the same packaging by using the second hot-melt strip to quickly reseal the packaging. Tape, scissors or even repacking the items entirely now belong to the past – the original packaging is ready to go in an instant.


This smart and easy-to-use packaging solution simplifies the return process for both you and your customers. Rely on an efficient and safe return of your items for quick resale. Meet the demands of your customers by making it easy and convenient for them to handle returns while reducing their packaging waste. With this positive shopping experience in mind, you will sustainably build strong customer brand loyalty, expand sales and increase the efficiency of your e-commerce business while having easy and efficient return processes in your fulfilment centres supported by our packaging solutions. 

About the author:

Armand Schoonbrood has been the Chief Operating Officer of Mondi Corrugated Packaging for five years. In 1985 he began his career in the packaging industry as a financial controller at Mondi in Maastricht. His mission at Mondi Corrugated is to further strengthen the image of a successful, service-oriented packaging partner focused on quality and innovation.

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