Social media code of conduct (‘netiquette’)

We created our social media channels to foster interesting and rewarding online communities, where people can share ideas, get inspired, and learn together. We love to hear your ideas and opinions, but please show respect for all members of our online community.
Mondi reserves the right to remove any content or comments that:
  • Are offensive or abusive
  • Are spam
  • Break laws, regulations or rules (including those of any social media channel) or encourage others to do so
  • Abuse intellectual property rights, including copyright
  • Contain sensitive personal information of Mondi employees, customers, partners, or anyone else.
As a last resort, Mondi reserves the right to ban from our social media channels any person who violates our code of conduct.
If you have a question or comment that is not appropriate to share on the public social media channel, please send us instead a direct message or email at [email protected]