AegisPaper: barrier papers for packaging solutions

In Greek mythology, an aegis is the manifestation of protection from the gods. Usually depicted as a shield, it can take on many forms. An aegis can symbolise the protection afforded by Mondi’s fully integrated range of functional base papers, functional barrier papers, and converted packaging formats.

The shield to protect your product and the planet

Our new range of functional barrier papers:

  • Custom barriers against grease, water vapour, and more in development
  • Recyclable in existing paper recycling streams
  • Runs on standard FFS lines
  • Ideal substitute of plastic laminates 

A reliable partner

  • Designed for recycling

    Certified to ensure the protection of the planet.

    We are committed to helping our customers meet and market their recyclability goals – That’s why we are continuously working to guarantee that our all our recyclable barrier papers meet the requirements of important certifications. Ask us about our list of recyclable certifications for AegisPaper products.

  • Fit for a wide range of applications

    Dry & frozen foods, and sugar

    • Water vapour barrier
    • Moisture barrier
    • Insects protection

    Secondary packaging, e-commerce, DIY

    • Excellent strength properties
    • Stable mechanical properties
    • Moisture barrier
  • An agile and innovative partner

    We support our customers with technically advanced expertise, global availability and customised solutions. Thanks to our unique R & D and integrated technical set up, we can imagine, design and create innovations to meet the rapidly changing demands in the many industries we serve.

    • Application engineers support
    • Flexible and backup capacity
    • Continuous development
  • Features
    • Runs on existing FFS packaging lines

Choose your solution

AegisPaper 95/5 food

Extrusion coated barrier papers and recyclable in all waste paper streams

AegisPaper select

Dispersion coated barrier papers with the most diverse range of barrier options

AegisPaper reduce

The lightest extrusion coated barrier papers possible