We provide multilayer packaging materials with excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, mineral oil, light and grease.

Our packaging solutions are designed to run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines and ensure impressive printing results for powerful branding.


  • Excellent barriers against moisture, mineral oil, oxygen, light, flavours and grease
  • Chemical resistance – suitable for aggressive filling goods
  • Run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines
  • Impressive printing results for powerful branding
  • Long shelf live and highest product safety
  • Tailor-made sealability


Our multilayer laminates for dehydrated food, dry food and beverages provide the highest possible quality hermetic seal, even if surfaces are not powder-free due to packed goods like:

  • Dehydrated soups
  • Instant soups
  • Baking mixes
  • Dried and wet soups


Possible barrier solutions for dehydrated and dry food solutions: High Protex