OLMO Paper process liners as well as our newly developed OLMO MaxFilm are optimised solutions that combine a strong base material with a special polymer layer which is tailor-made for the foam industry. These exciting products offer major advantages in terms of runnability, productivity and environmental impact. Our process liners solve various foam production related problems associated with running conventional processing paper or standard polyethylene films and are designed to run on all machine types.

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OLMO Paper process liners more than a product:

OLMO Paper portfolio is offered as a full package, comprising improved process liners plus additional services like technical assistance, cost optimisation, reel width standardisation and expertise gained from 30 years of serving the flexible foam industry.


The peelable PE film of all our process liners stick to the foam, resulting in:

  • TDI savings
  • Minimised exposure to toxic vapour
  • Material loss prevention
  • Uniform hardness and perfect block shape


  • Moisture
  • Reactive chemicals
  • UV


OLMO Paper® process liners are used in in the production of flexible Polyurethane foam.