Mondi provides customers with tailor-made solutions for coated sack kraft and special barrier materials for bags, based on the desired barrier properties for the packed goods.

Therefore Mondi can apply various types of polymer, paper and other base materials, according to the specific requirements and desired barrier features.


Our products in bags provide excellent protection against moisture, grease, dust and light, especially needed for substances like:

  • Chemicals
  • Dry mixtures
  • Pet and animal food
  • Cement/building materials


Standard laminate: sack paper / LDPE or HDPE
Tea sack laminate: paper / LDPE / aluminium foil
Pinch bottom laminate: sack paper / LDPE / aluminium foil / LDPE
Handle laminate: paper / LDPE / woven HDPE / LDPE / paper white
Thermo valve laminate: paper / modified LDPE