Paper manufacturing at high quality is in itself no guarantee for success

The paper must also arrive at its destination in perfect condition. Modern high-speed printing facilities, corrugators and other large converters are finely tuned operations with zero tolerance for variations in paper properties.

As a result, quality demands on reel wrapping and end discs are increasing. Mondi Technical Coatings welcomes this trend, offering optimum solutions that protect paper efficiently at every stage of shipping and storage.


  • Excellent barrier: Our moisture barrier maintains the right level of moisture inside and outside. Our barrier liner protects the wrapped products from dirt and other hygiene hazards.
  • Mechanical protection: Our reel wrapping offers protection against shipping damage or rough handling.
  • Branding and advertising opportunities: Our reel wrapping materials are available with flexo-printing in up to four colours. Printed reel wrapping means the brand can be shown clearly, thereby emphasising market presence.
  • Outstanding runnability: Our technology and experience ensure wrapping materials are engineered in accordance with the demanding dynamics of our customers' packaging lines. Our long-term relationships with major machine producers mean that our customers get exactly the right solution for their individual needs.


Efficient protection of paper reels at every stage of shipping and storage.


Standard Qualities Specification
CombiPack® T recycled containerboard / polymer / recycled containerboard
CombiPack® E recycled containerboard / polymer / virgin containerboard
CombiPack® S virgin containerboard / polymer / virgin containerboard

Specialities Specification
CombiPack® K kraft paper / polymer / kraft paper
HotWrap® special polymer / containerboard
EuroDisc® Standard polymer / containerboard
EuroDisc® Friction Extra PE / containerboard / anti-slip dispersion