Until today many natural products, like heating or stable pellets, are packed in plastic-based packaging.

Now you can wrap them in paper and therewith adjust your packaging to your product without losing any barriers!


Good mechanical properties

  • Excellent printability
  • Easier handling in packaging machine
  • More stable transport behaviour - Bags not moving on the pallet

Benefits for the end customer

  • Convenience
    • Easy to open (without tools)
    • Deadfold allows reclosure
  • "Ecologically responsible“
    • Save up to 70% of plastic
    • FSC™ certified paper
  • Good stiffness
    • Easier to pour the right amount


  • Heating pellets
  • Stable pellets
  • Animal feed
  • And many more


  • FSC paper with double-sided barrier for good sealing properties and moisture and sunlight protection
  • Print in up to 4 colours