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Cost-effective containerboard and ecological packaging solutions make a perfect fit at Mondi. With its Recycled product portfolio, Mondi Containerboard presents an ecological and sustainable range for corrugated boxes, providing strength as well as optimum runnability and processing properties even in humid climates. A clean and smooth surface as well as lightweight recycled fluting and testliner grades complete the offering to meet the growing trend towards lightweight corrugated case material, driven by the demand for higher cost efficiency and environment concerns.


  • Higher quality of fibres
  • Heavy-duty packaging
  • Resistant to humid and cold conditions
  • Optimum running and processing characteristics


  • Packaging in humid environments
  • Cold chain packaging, e.g. agricultural products
  • Fruit and vegetable industry


Parameter Test
Unit of 
Substances (g/m²)
150 175
Moisture  ISO 287  %   7,4
Bursting strength ISO 2758  kPa  410  460
SCT CD ISO 9895  kN/m   3,20 3,55
Tensile stiffness index MD   kNm/g  11
Tensile stiffness index CD    kNm/g  5
Cobb60 (top)  ISO 535  g/m²  35
Cobb60 (bottom)  ISO 535  g/m²  35

Typical values after conditioning measured at 50 ± 2% RH and 23 ± 1°C (ISO 187:1990)
Valid until: 31.12.2018

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