Corrugated pallets make a difference

The paper based pallet alternative for transport and POS

Our unique Mondi pallet construction allows maximum strength while reducing height and weight compared to wooden pallets resulting in substantial transport cost savings, especially in air freight applications.

Eco-friendly & hygienic Corrugated pallets are made from paper and stand in a closed recycling loop. It is a convenience solution that is easy to dispose and this way reduces

CO2 emissions from truck loads for returning pallets. This also means your pallet is always new and always clean which in comparison to plastic pallets eliminates the chemical treatment and washing of pallets.

Mondi Pallet facts:

• Corrugated pallet weights range from 1,5 to 5kg

• 4 side FLT accessibility

• Each foot can carry a top load of 40. The Mondi corrugated pallet is a strong lightweight, paper based alternative to wooden or plastic pallets. It is a high performance product with a convincing number of benefits for loads up to 1,000kg. The ideal solution for transport systems where weight and size matter - customisable to your needs. 

• Maximum dynamic top load 1,000kg

• Maximum static top load 2,000 – 7.500kg

• Full printability for POS applications or branding

• Approved for the food and pharma industry

• Size / foot ratio according to top load weight and product size

• Water resistant coating

• Printable

• Adjustments for specific warehouse logistics


We make your pallet to your specifications

Corrugated pallets are fully customisable, yet you can also choose from a standard portfolio, which ranges from 600x400mm with 4 feet (max. load 200kg) up to 1200x1000mm with 18 feet (max. load 1000kg).

Various options are available to ensure the pallet suits your supply chain environment – no matter if you need wet strong-or coated paper for sea freight, over-sized or small formats or transport extremely heavy items.


  • Up to 80% weight reduction
  • 100% corrugated, renewable material
  • Fully recyclable
  • Disposable packaging
  • Lower transportation and storage costs
  • More efficient utilisation of cargo space
  • Highly customisable
  • Exempt from ISPM 15 regulations
  • Reduced handling and manipulation effort and costs.
  • Work hazard reduction – no splinters, nails or staples

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