Elastic laminates for diaper back ears

Excellent stretching properties and retraction forces characterizes this three layer laminate. Depending on your requirements, we are able to combine different types of Nonwoven within this product range.

Elastic laminates for tapes

The perfect interaction of elasticity and high tensile strength at small cut size is important for an elastic laminate used within a converted tape.

Elastic film for waistband applications

Mondi Solastic®-CD films are known for their excellent stretching properties in cross direction and stability in machine direction.

Diaper frontal tape

Our product portfolio offers frontal tape laminates including lock-loop, maliwatt and nonwoven solutions

Film for hygiene single-wrap packaging

Single wrap packaging for sanitary napkins gets smaller and thinner- Therefore, we have developed lightweight and fully siliconised packaging film for sanitary napkins

Standard label films

Our standard PE label films are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Top coated label films

Our top-coated label films ensure excellent printing results with all standard colour systems and (digital) print processes (flexo, letterpress, gravure, thermal transfer, offset, indigo and screen), which means your product is guaranteed to stand out at the point-of-sale.

Laminating film

Packaging has a significant role to play in product quality. Thus, we produce highly specialised laminating films.

Bag in box barrier films

The Bag-in-Box (BIB) packaging solution is ideal not only for transport but also as a perfect packaging method for easy dosing of larger units.


Tube laminating films

High-performance, reliable films used to produce tube laminates.

Primer films

Our primer films ensure a safe fixing of the lacquer finish on metal surfaces.

Decorative films

Our decorative films offer highly appealing and durable surfaces with a high resistance against scratches and damages.


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High-barrier industrial films for form-fill-seal (FFS)

FFS high-barrier films for industrial applications are efficient, time and resource saving and therefore an interesting alternative to work intensive packaging processes with premade sacks.

Envelope release liner

Release liners for self-adhesive envelopes and document pouches.

Release liner for fibre composites

During the production of fibre composite materials film- or paper-based release liner are used as a process aid.

Graphic arts release liner

Release liners are used for a broad range of graphic arts applications, such as advertising films (vinyl, PET, PVC, etc.), in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Structured liners for graphic arts

In order to meet our customers' requirements in the graphic arts market and offer excellent processing properties for their products, we have invented structured liners that banish bubbles in an instant.

Label liners

We specialise in the development and production of release liners for point-of-sale labelling, primary labels for the food and cosmetics industries and VIP/business systems labels.


Medical liners

Release liners for medical applications including transdermal delivery systems, therapeutic patches, adhesive bandages, advanced wound dressings and body electrodes.

Release liner for tapes

Release liner for self-adhesive tapes providing excellent processing and protection for the adhesive.

Building / Roofing

Other fields of application exist where the release liner protects the adhesive prior to assembling and backs the material during die-cutting.

Functional Coatings

Individually tailored functional coatings for your environment

Water-soluble film

Convenient, time-saving and waste-reducing

Casting Liner

Need a process liner for casting your artificial-leather films? Our technical engineers designed a special casting liner.

About films, release liners and hygiene components

Film solutions and hygiene components for individual needs:

Mondi is a specialist for blown and cast film extrusion with in-depth-knowledge about the development and production of films and film- based solutions for a variety of industries.

Mondi is a leading supplier for innovative diaper components comprising elastic laminates, elastic films and frontal tapes (mechanical diaper closure systems) as well as for siliconised films for individual sanitary napkin packaging in the hygiene industry.

Our long experience in the field of label films makes Mondi a trusted partner for the world’s leading label stock producers.

We also supply the packaging converting industry with the full range of laminating films, comprising properties like barrier, peel, anti-fog or recloseablility.

Our temporary and permanent surface protection films offer perfect protection to sensitive surfaces and ensure a long durability of your goods in a variety of industries.


Release solutions for your self-adhesive products - customised and innovative

With our release liners, our customers' products stick where they should. Mondi Release Liner is a leading global supplier of silicone-coated and speciality release liner, specifically designed for the pressure-sensitive adhesives industry. Given the broad range of adhesive applications and components available today, we customise our release liner to specifically address your product requirements. The applications we serve include graphic arts, medical, hygiene, fibre composites, tapes, labels and others.


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