Aseptic carton

The lightweight alternative

BarrierPack Films

Protection against outside influences while preserving the desired properties or substances, such as the aroma and taste of coffee. It can be tricky to determine how much protection is required.

Consumer Barrier Films

Excellent thermoforming properties and maximum protection.

Monofilm Rollstock

High speed optimised film for improved running speeds.

Bundle Film

Outer packaging for bundling similar consumer products for transportation and storage. Available as mono or coex films, printed or unprinted.


Flexible microwaveable packaging with self-venting function.

Biobased Films

Reducing dependency on fossil resources.


High performance films for sterile medical packaging.


A combination of paper and flexible film. For excellent barrier properties with a natural look and feel. Available as reel-stock or pre-made pouches.

Sterilisation Packaging

Outstanding aroma protection and longer shelf life guaranteed.


Premium reclosable plastic bags with added value.

FlexziBox - Flat Bottom Bag

Outstanding stability and convenience.


The strong and reliable packaging alternative.


The box-shaped brother of PolywovenBag - especially suitable for applications such as fertilizer, seeds, flour, sugar or rice, and it is the ideal packaging solution for the fast-growing pet food industry.


The flexible alternative to bottles, canisters or buckets. Ideal for packing liquids, pastes or loose materials.


Unique flexible packaging for building materials weighing up to 5 kg.


Outstanding product presentation at the point of sale.


An innovative box-shaped packaging solution with outstanding stability.


The stand-up pouch suitable for sterilisation and hot-fill applications.


Reliable protection for your products, clever features and excellent brand presentation.


No hassle. No mess.

Paper-based consumer bags and reels

Our paper-based bags and reels are used to bag, pack and protect products such as pet food and pet care food, animal feed and seeds, and minerals.


The reclosable stand-up pouch - easy and convenient.

Sleeves, Tubes & Lids

Packaging solutions for the “coolest” of delights.

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