Films for vertical Form-Fill-and-Seal (VFFS) lines need the capability of running at high-speeds, to have good puncture-resistance and to be cost-efficient. Several stages of the packaging and transport process can be hazardous to film. For instance, when filling the formed bag, the produce may fall from as high as 3 m. Frozen, sharp or irregular shaped items may cause considerable problems. To ensure that packaging remains intact and in-shape, we have developed a special film formulation.

OptiPack combines all advantages of traditional FFS films whilst having outstanding puncture and split resistance. OptiPack can be processed in the same way as any other material, requiring no changes in the conversion process. OptiPack film offers a real cost-saving since material can be reduced in thickness without compromising on quality. Also, down gauging material increases efficiency, reduces resource costs and reduces environmental impact.


  • Improved resistance to puncture and splitting
  • Material savings due to down gauging
  • Gauge reduction without loss of functionality or quality
  • No changes in the conversion process
  • No leakages during packaging line process or logistics chain
  • Available in clear and white
  • Offering the same appearance for the end customer