Green Range is Mondi’s umbrella trademark for sustainable paper and packaging solutions. All Mondi uncoated fine papers belong to the Green Range. They are produced from FSC® or PEFC™ certified wood from sustainably managed forests or 100% recycled paper, or are produced totally chlorine free (TCF). This is how consumers can make a contribution – every day.

In fact, Mondi does a whole lot more than planting trees. 100% of our owned and leased forests – 2.1 million hectares in total – are FSC® certified and all of our Mondi uncoated fine paper mill brands are also EU Ecolabel certified.

Whatever your needs are, be it a CO2 neutral paper, a TCF paper, recycled, Blue Angel or PEFC™ certified, all of Mondi’s Green Range products are sustainably produced. More information on Mondi’s Green Range is online at:

Mondi offers Color Copy fully CO2 neutral, from cradle to Mondi factory gate, as well as 100 % recycled NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, BIO TOP 3® and all high-speed inkjet papers with a CO2 neutral option. Along the production cycle it is unavoidable that CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere even though Mondi focuses on highly efficient usage of resources. Thus, carbon offsetting is a way of taking responsibility for these unavoidable emissions by investing in CO2 reduction activities outside the company.


We neutralise emissions related to our paper production from cradle to Mondi factory gate by supporting the following projects:

  • Hydropower emissions reduction project in Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • The power plant increases the share of renewable energy in the country’s power grid, which is
    currently highly dependent on fossil fuel-fired power plants.
  • By replacing fossil fuels and preventing the reconstruction of fossil fuel power plants, the
    project annually avoids the emission of 290,976 tonnes of CO2-equivalents and is a Verified
    Carbon Standard.
  • The project generates also addditional local job opportunities and contributes to the improvement
    of the local infrastructure.

Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper’s drive for excellence in sustainable paper production has been recognised repeatedly:

  • 2016 WWF Environmental Paper Award in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands”
  • 2015 Service Champion as an Office Supplier by magazine (Mondi Germany)
  • 2014 Launch of 3 year strategic partnership with WWF to sustain ecosystems through responsible business practices
  • 2013 Golden Pixel Award for the BIO TOP 3® LookBook
  • 2013 All Russian Awards for Environmental Safety and Ecological Management (Mondi Syktyvkar)
  • 2013 Lesprom National Forestry Awards for Environmental Strategy of the Year (Mondi Syktyvkar)
  • 2013 PPI Supply Chain Award for Mondi SCP (Slovakia)
  • 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Award in the category “Transparency”
  • 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Award in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands” for 100% recycled NAUTILUS® SuperWhite
  • 2012 PPI Award for Environmental Strategy of the Year (Mondi Group)
  • 2012 PPI Award for Managing Risk and Safety (Mondi SCP)
  • 2012 PPI Award for Efficiency Improvements of the Year (Mondi SCP)

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