IQ allround - the everyday paper

Always one step ahead and continually developed to meet growing market demands. Uncomplicated in deployment, IQ enables the best results to be achieved with all print and copy machines.

A multipurpose paper for everyday communication needs.


  • High whiteness
  • Ideal for everyday communication
  • Consistent and reliable quality performance, approved by Buyers Lab (BLI): Perfect runnability, excellent image quality, low dusting propensity and curl


80 g/m²




Green Range      EU Ecolabel        




  • Internal office communication
  • Email print-outs
  • Internet print-outs

Paper is our life - Video

Mondi invites you to see why we and our papers make a difference. Each sheet of paper has its purpose. We produce. We recycle. We plant. We care for paper. We love paper. Paper is our life.

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