Elastic laminates for diaper back ears

Excellent stretching properties and retraction forces characterizes this three layer laminate. Depending on your requirements, we are able to combine different types of Nonwoven within this product range.

Elastic laminates for tapes

The perfect interaction of elasticity and high tensile strength at small cut size is important for an elastic laminate used within a converted tape.

Elastic film for waistband applications

Mondi Solastic®-CD films are known for their excellent stretching properties in cross direction and stability in machine direction.

Diaper frontal tape

Our product portfolio offers frontal tape laminates including lock-loop, maliwatt and nonwoven solutions

Film for hygiene single-wrap packaging

Single wrap packaging for sanitary napkins gets smaller and thinner- Therefore, we have developed lightweight and fully siliconised packaging film for sanitary napkins

About Personal Care Components

Enhanced comfort. More variety. We make hygiene products more useful

Mondi is globally renowned for its dependable quality and global footprint. We offer comprehensive feminine, baby, adult incontinence, and wipes solutions that support both short and long-term objectives. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise guarantees performance and reduces the complexity of value chains.

Mondi’s product offering ranges from basic components for emerging markets to state- of-the-art technology for premium markets. We collaborate with clients to create a strategic product plan, which is easy to implement and highly cost effective. As business demands flexibility, products depend on reliable functionality.


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