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Orange Board – Containerboard Support by Mondi is THE service to provide you with all the information you need to know about corrugated board production: Using sophisticated tools and their expertise in papermaking and corrugating, Mondi’s technical sales service specialists offer three service packages:

  • webinars, seminars and coaching
  • 24/7 Corrugated Paper Expert platform
  • AAA Academy


Webinars, seminars and coaching

Discover our webinars for all knowledge levels, from containerboard beginner to professional corrugator, or learn more about our seminar series including the well-established “From fibre to corrugated board”. This series of seminars focuses on training sessions along the entire value chain, starting with the forest and ending with corrugated box performance.

Mondi also addresses country-specific issues in local seminar sessions aligned with customers’ individual markets. And for direct consultation on customers’ own premises, we offer tailor-made coaching-for-performance sessions and full-scale corrugator audits, including thermovisual and moisture audits.

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NEW! Box creep testing service

You want to find out the true load carrying capability of your box? This service combines creep test and BCT test to see the whole picture. Our Orange Board experts at Mondi Powerflute are here to help you.

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Corrugated Paper Expert - Your Digital Center for Containerboard Insights

In wanting to share our knowledge and help our customers excel, we created the Corrugated Paper Expert platform – an exclusive hub of containerboard industry problem solving tools and the place to source trends and industry news as it happens. Corrugated Paper Expert comes to you with a brand new design and a variety of interactive features.

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AAA Academy

In the overseas sales region, Mondi Containerboard works mainly with traders and agents. To ensure that clients have access to the relevant corrugating knowledge, they need a focused training programme. Mondi has therefore introduced its AAA academy (Africa, Asia, Americas).

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