A second skin that protects fruits and vegetables during transportation.

ProVantage Powerflute® is the most efficient raw material in the corrugated packaging industry. It retains its properties better than any other fluting guaranteeing box performance in the most demanding conditions.

As ambient humidity conditions vary, paper products react with the changes to the moisture in the air. These changes affect box performance. Its industry leading performance in resisting this degradation makes ProVantage Powerflute® the product of choice, particularly for long distance transportation of valuable goods.


  • Resistance – ProVantage Powerflute® retains its properties better than any other grade, even in extreme conditions
  • Cost-Efficient – Your packaging weighs less because with ProVantage Powerflute® superior strength is achieved with less fibre
  • Safe – ProVantage Powerflute’s® load-bearing capability through the logistics chain is unparalleled, making boxes safer to handle, stack and store
  • Effective – An intact box is an intact brand image and provides optimal protection against spoilage
  • Sustainable – After initial use, biodegradable ProVantage Powerflute® is a valuable resource for recycling
  • Pure – ProVantage Powerflute® is 100% natural


  • Food & beverage packaging: Fruit & vegetable packaging, Cold chain packaging, High-humidity & extreme-climate storage, Agricultural produce, Secondary packaging
  • Heavy-duty packaging

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