Discover our White Top Kraftliner portfolio

Quality is king. Therefore we guarantee the same perfect printing results – no matter which grade you choose. Explore the full benefits of our White Top Kraftliner portfolio and get the best of both worlds: ProVantage Komiwhite from Russia and ProVantage Baywhite from South Africa.

Putting all cards on the table:
Both grades offer 100% virgin strength and great branding possibilities.

Good luck and a nice hand!

The two papers win!



Two papers, one quality.

Two different grades from two different places of the world offering the same quality properties.

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ProVantage Baywhite

A premium quality uncoated white top kraftliner. It is made out of 100% virgin kraft fibre, which guarantees a superior appearance for high-quality printing.

ProVantage Komiwhite

ProVantage Komiwhite benefits from the strength of Nordic fibres offering quality printability, runnability, and whiteness.