Whenever you need strong, reliable and cost-efficient packaging, KraftTop grades deliver top results

Your benefits

  • Resource efficiency, because of the conversion of recycled fibres
  • Natural colour, thanks to virgin fibre in the top layer
  • Sufficient strength parameters for kraftliner applications
  • Powerful tensile stiffness parameters support functional packaging
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Integrated supplier
  • KraftTop means two sides

    Mondi Containerboard offers a comprehensive choice of strong KraftTop Liners for sophisticated packaging applications. KraftTop liners consist of two layers: the top layer is made of 100% virgin fibre, while the bottom layer contains some recycled fibre. They therefore combine the characteristics of kraftliners and fully recycled liners. Since the top sheet consists of virgin fibre, KraftTop grades have a natural appearance and stronger technical parameters than fully recycled liners or testliners. KraftTop grades are a valid and cost-effective alternative to kraftliners.

  • KraftTop means strength

    Offering higher tensile stiffness than recycled liners, KraftTop grades enable converters to produce stronger and more functional packaging materials. When corrugated packaging materials with a high flute profile are produced from lightweight recycled liners, for example, interflute liner buckling can occur. This gives rise to lower box compression strength (BCT) values than indicated by theoretical calculations.
    The outstanding strength that characterises KraftTop grades makes them ideally suited to the production of a wide range of packaging. All KraftTop Liner variants have an excellent burst index of 3.4 kPa/g for stronger packaging. In addition, all of the papers offer optimum runnability on corrugators.

  • KraftTop means good-looking

    KraftTop containerboard grades have outstanding surfaces whose colour and formation are equivalent to those of kraftliners. They have a natural appearance and offer brilliant printability thanks to their superior smoothness characteristics. They are therefore the perfect choice for packing luxury goods, such as electronics, cigarettes and tobacco, that will catch the eye on the shelf. Alongside decorative packaging, KraftTop grades are also suitable for packing food.

  • KraftTop means outstanding performance

    The ultimate test of any packaging material is its performance. With our KraftTop range you are assured of optimum packaging, box and corrugated board strength at all times. Your packaging will stay intact and protect the contents, even in the most challenging conditions. At Mondi, we are committed to delivering only the best, and the tensile stiffness and short span compression test (SCT) data of our KraftTop liner portfolio underline the papers’ reliability. Both the cross direction (CD) and the machine direction (MD) tensile stiffness parameters of the KraftTop grades are also excellent, proving their ability to convert into high-performance corrugated box solutions.

  • KraftTop means production at the heart of Europe

    In view of their strategic location in Central Europe, our KraftTop production sites are ideally placed to meet increasing customer demand. Our facilities ensure optimum paper availability, an enhanced delivery capability, and fast and flexible lead times with repeatable performance.

  • KraftTop means being in touch every day

    Every day has 86,400 seconds. For us, these are 86,400 opportunities to touch the lives of millions. Our KraftTop grades can serve multiple applications such as food & beverage packaging, industrial packaging and heavy duty packaging. And why not the sustainable furniture of the future? At Mondi we create brilliant packaging and paper solutions that help our customers succeed. And help their customers live their lives.