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Whether your focus is on efficiency during fulfilment, reducing transportation costs, maximising consumer convenience or all of these, delivering the right solution for you is our business. We manage every aspect of e-commerce packaging – from the needs and wants of brand owners and online retailers to those of fulfilment centres, shipping agents and end users.

Brand owner

Outsourcing fulfilment does not mean handing over responsibility for the brand experience

We work closely with brand owners to develop unit packs for e-commerce deliveries, linking the requirements of brand owners and fulfilment centres to create optimised concepts that guarantee a quality brand experience alongside fulfilment efficiency.


The trick of matching a small number of pack sizes to a maximum number of (mixed) orders

A large number of shapes and sizes of goods is shipped in endless combinations per order. We support in systematically analysing packaging size requirements for fulfilment, offer size variable packaging and variable inside protection systems to allow tailoring in the packaging process as well as safe and efficient shipping with a minimum number of packaging sizes.

Ensuring accurate packaging performance

We are familiar with carrier specifications for packaging and the aspects posing risk of damage. Our dedicated designers have this in mind when creating your solution. In our in-house laboratories material and packaging undergoes tough SCT and BCT tests as well as drop test simulations with filled boxes.

End users

Consumers appreciate frustration-free solutions

End users attach great importance to intact arrival of the shipment, clean opening, easy return, easy disposal, environmental impact and packaging appearance. Our variety of high quality print options and special papers as well as outstanding designs and packaging optimisation help to provide the pleasant shopping experience desired by end users, which results in repeat orders.

We offer a wide range of product types, each geared to the special requirements of the e-business.

Double tape solutions increase handling efficiency during fulfilment and support a smooth return experience for end users.

Multipoint glued, one piece solutions speed up the filling process and are appealing.

Easy Erect
Automatic bottom solutions do not require taping when erecting and allow easy flattening for disposal.

Material and handling efficient packaging for flat items like books or DVDs.

FleX Size
Telescopic designs, American boxes with creasing lines or resizable bottom-lid solutions can be adjusted in size for delivery or return. They reduce packaging variants, shipping costs and damage.

Inside ProteX
Variable inserts avoid shifting and friction of packed goods during transport, reduce the need for filling material and thus provide for clean opening.

Tamper proof solutions avoid theft or manipulation when shipping valuables, breakables or hygiene, food or pharmaceutical products.

Corrugated Pallet or Feet
Light, strong, highly customisable and easy to dispose alternative to wood. Single feet can be mounted to self-supporting packaging for fork lift transportation

We support you in every step of your business growth - your vision in mind.



  • Flexible supply chain solutions
  • Full range packaging portfolio
  • Value chain integration with other Mondi business segments
  • Ability to grow with our partners in current and new markets
  • End-user oriented solutions

Trust through reliability

  • High capacity plants
  • Back-up strategy and network
  • In-house test laboratories
  • High strength papers
  • Packaging optimisation tools


  • Diverse print technologies
  • Network of Design Departments
  • Experience in optimising e-packaging
  • Individual project support
  • End-user insight