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Shelf ready packaging

Thanks to the eye-catching designs of SRP and its efficiency in the shelf replenishment process no other packaging holds as many secrets to success.

Automotive logistics packaging - Corrugated Solutions

A full range of corrugated products for automotive part transport. From connectors to large spare parts – standard transport to constructive specialties

Hazardous goods packaging & shipping boxes

Development, testing and approval of hazardous goods packaging and shipping boxes. We support our customers to comply with regulations and ease the process though service and competence.

Barrier packaging

Corrugated solutions with functional coatings protect and contain goods that are moist, greasy or oily and also surface or heat sensitive. From durables to food packaging and industrial applications, barrier packaging opens opportunities.

Inserts & dividers

Many different kinds of inserts, inter-layers, wedging and filling materials are available across our entire product portfolio.

Long good packaging

Notch-fold is just the right packaging for long and heavy goods. Heavy duty board grades can easily be folded along precision bevel cuts forming a minimum inside height of 80mm and are suitable for goods longer than 1.5m. Discover our long packaging solutions by Mondi.



Corrugated sheets

High quality corrugated sheets for optimal converting.

Corrugated wrap arounds

Corrugated Wrap arounds are a cost and material saving alternative to slotted cases - a solution for on-site gluing and erecting process technology.


Heavy Duty intermediate bulk containers. A strong and lightweight alternative to big bags or metal crates for coarse and powdery products. Discover cardboard octabin boxes by Mondi. 

Discover fast corrugated packaging with easy-pak

As customers develop global growth strategies and supply chains become more complex and diverse, packaging must develop in parallel with them.


A truly heavy duty container made from corrugated board with supporting wooden frame - a giant in efficiency and in carrying extremely heavy loads - overseas or on land. The convincing idea and benefits have been awarded with a World Star. Discover stac-pac® by Mondi Group.  



Cardboard pallet boxes ─ pak-(k)it

Small and space saving as a flat pack for delivery and storage, but a huge asset when in use. One person can erect pak-(k) alone in a flash. Discover cardboard pallet boxes by Mondi.

Cardboard boxes for heavy duty - discover pal-box®

Let us introduce cardboard boxes for heavy duty: pal-box®. A heavy duty shipping container with its own 100% recyclable pallet feet. Formed from corrugated material. Easy to assemble and adjustable to various sizes. Suitable for all common lifting equipment.


Avoiding excessive packaging and plastics in the eCommerce supply chain

e-shop solutions brochure

Download now the brochure about our e-shop solutions, frequently ordered boxes and mailers in your local language.


Challenging the market standard for slim packaging in eCommerce


Delight your business and your customers!


An innovative solution to facilitate shipping of potted flowers and plants in a sustainable way.


A stream lined portfolio for all needs in the eBottle packing and shipping for wines, spirits and craft beers.


Shelf packaging able to do more – whether in a manual or automated process.


Mondi’s eGrocery offers clever designs with different bottom and closure options as well as inserts, easy open and carry solutions.

BikeBox with Protector Bags

For shipping from the manufacturer to the dealer and customer, as a storage container in the garage or when the bike is to be taken on vacation.

KLTs - small load carriers

From storage warehouses to internal packing stations – our small load carriers are universally suitable for diverse logistic processes.


From field to shelf


Easy solution for automating Mondi’s EnvelopeMailer.