Perfect protection & sustainable! 

The BikeBox is the universal packaging system for all types of mountain bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, racing bikes and e-bikes. Our ingenious packaging solution, consisting of the corrugated cardboard box, the accessory holders and flexible paper protective bags and wraps (Protector Bags), offers maximum transport security even for single piece distribution with postal or forwarding services

The packaging design, in combination with the materials used, stand for maximum product safety and sustainability at the same time, without the need for protective components made from fossil materials.

The universal solution:  

  • Universal packaging system for all types of bicycles
  • Suitable for all frame sizes from 3XS to 2XL (wheelbase up to "approx." 1,180 mm)
  • Front wheel box suitable for wheel sizes from 26" to 29“
  • Flexible, paper bags and wraps (Protector Bags) protect handlebars, frame parts and saddles
    in various designs - available in various sizes and paper combinations

The efficient solution: 

  • Flat delivery saves storage space and thus costs
  • Quick and easy assembly of the BikeBox ( pre-assembled delivery possible)
  • Optimal types of corrugated cardboard for all applications
  • Resealable clip-system secures the loading / unloading flap
  • Optimized dimensions for forwarding and postage cost efficiency (no oversize surcharge)

The sustainable solution: 

  • High quality packaging with wet-strong gluing reduces product loss through effective damage protection
  • Sustainable FSC™ corrugated cardboard types possible
  • Sustainable product surface protection with ProtectorBags
  • Reusable as a storage box, transport box on air travel or for returns
  • 100% recyclable mono-material (clip closures can also be replaced by plug connections)

The intelligent solution: 

  • Various options for stowing accessories
  • Clever fixation of all accessory mounts
  • Practical adhesive closure for paper bags and wraps - outlets for cables
  • The clip system enables unlimited opening and closing of the box
  • Easy unpacking for dealers and end users
  • Adjustments to customer-specific requirements on demand
  • Individual print variants possible


BikeBox dimensions Protector Bag dimensions

Belt: <3,600 mm no oversize fees
(circumference = 3,600 mm)

Internal: 1,525 x 245 x 745 mm

External : 1,540 x 265 x 765 mm

Widths from 180 - 1,200 mm

Lengths from 500 - 3,500 mm

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