Pack twice as fast with easy-pak

As customers develop global growth strategies and supply chains become more complex and diverse, packaging must develop in parallel with them. easy-pak from Mondi offers a number of key benefits, including easy handling, warehouse cost optimisation and an erecting process that’s twice as fast as for a large standard corrugated case.

Simply pull up the packaging and the bottom closes automatically; and unlike a standard american case, easy-pak does not require adhesive tape for the bottom flaps, thus eliminating a handling step. Thanks to easy-paks special design, different board grades can be used for the bottom and sides (e.g. an extra strong grade for the sides for additional stacking strength, and a lighter grade for the base with minimal load-bearing function), thereby conserving resources.


  • Fast, easy handling helps optimise process costs
  • Lower warehousing costs
  • Bottom flaps close automatically when erecting the case
  • Flat base
  • No adhesive tape required for bottom flaps
  • Seven standard sizes; custom solutions available
  • Wide range of dimensions and board grades available
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity

Other heavy duty solutions


The large shipping and storage container is an all-rounder in every way. Small and space saving as a flat pack for delivery and storage, but a huge asset when in use. One person can erect pak-(k)it alone in a flash.


A heavy duty shipping container with its own 100% recyclable pallet feet. Formed from corrugated material. Easy to assemble and adjustable to various sizes. Suitable for all common lifting equipment.


A truly heavy duty container made from corrugated board with supporting wooden frame - a giant in efficiency and in carrying extremely heavy loads - overseas or on land. The convincing idea and benefits have been awarded with a World Star.



Large volume & bulk containers

In creating and widening our portfolio of heavy duty transport containers from corrugated board the optimisation of our customers' packaging and logistics processes is at the forefront.