A streamlined portfolio answering all bottle packaging and shipping needs for wines, spirits and craft beers

How do you, as an e-grocery player, dedicated wine selling platform, or (sparkling) wine producer, best handle the packing of varying bottle numbers per order or mixed bottle shipments? Which packaging fits your processes and order numbers? In other words, how do you know what is the best shipping solution for keeping your bottles safe, your business profitable and flexible, and consumers happy?

In developing our straightforward offering for single or multi-bottle shipments, we applied our 3e principle of e-asy, e-conomic and e-fficient solutions to ensure that the most effective choice is an easy pick. All our solutions are 100% corrugated and fully recyclable to support a healthy planet.

Do you have a unique bottle shipping need? Get in touch – we also develop bespoke solutions for carrying your bottled products safely from A to B.


Our most frequently ordered designs are described here

VinoBoxClass VinoBoxClub VinoBoxCasual VinoBoxSelect VinoBoxSprint



Delivering wine in style!

VinoBoxClass is the premium packaging for wine producers and stores that want to create a bond between their label and wine enthusiasts. Inside and outside printing options, cut-outs, a gift-box appearance, and convenience features such as easy opening, ensure a first-class consumer experience, appealing presentation and the utmost protection for your fine or sparkling wines.


    • High protection
    • Customer experience
    • Premium feel (gift-box design, appealing presentation of single bottles)
    • Easy fold
    • No additional tape closure required


Snapshot VinoBoxClass

  • Typical use:

    Sparkling and still wines, spirits. 1 or 3 bottles

  • Features:

    Flat die-cut primary and outer boxes, hot melt self-closure top, hot melt self-closure bottom (single version), flat bottom (3-bottle version), easy-open tear strip

  • Options

    Window cut in primary boxes to reveal the labels of the individual bottles, 3-bottle version as a pre-glued, easy pull-up design (increased process speed, Inside print, Offset print



Just pull - when speed matters.

VinoBoxClub features a pull-up insert and is the true master of time efficiency among the modular multi-bottle packing options. It combines outstanding stability, enhanced shock absorption, and the fastest possible filling with highly efficient material use. The outer box provides the overlapping flaps needed to give you peace of mind that the packaging is safe for shipping.


  • Modular use of insert for all pack sizes 3,6,9,12,18 bottles
  • High protection, High stacking strength
  • Instant use (no folding necessary) - high output speed of the fulfilment operation
  • Elimination of handling errors in the packing process
  • Ideal to separate bottles to protect other items in mixed e-grocery shipments
  • Small footprint for optimised pack station layout


Snapshot VinoBoxClub


  • Typical use

    Sparkling and still wines, spirits. 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 bottles

  • Features:

    Fully pre-glued / instant insert for 3 bottles, additional buffer zones for increased shock absorption, transport case with overlapping flaps (tape closure)

  • Options:

    Different transport case sizes (3,6,9,12,18), Duo insert for 2,4 bottle shipments



The smoothest way to fold a flat-cut insert!

VinoBoxCasual is amazingly easy to fold from a flat die-cut sheet into a sturdy insert for 3 bottles, and features a corrugated bottom for each bottle – which makes it easy to lift the bottles together with the insert. The outer box provides the overlapping flaps needed to give you peace of mind that the packaging is safe for shipping.


  • Space saving during transport and storage – efficient pre-packing logistics
  • Fast and easy folding (4 fluent folding steps / intuitive folding movements)
  • Modular use for shipments from 3 to 18 bottles
  • Bottles can be lifted into or out of the box together with the insert
  • Insert can be used for mixed shipments
  • No additional top or bottom sheet needed for protection
  • High protection


Snapshot VinoBoxCasual

  • Typical use:

    Sparkling and still wines, spirits. 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 bottles

  • Features:

    Non-glued / flat insert for each group of 3 bottles, quick fold design, inserts feature a bottom, transport case with overlapping flaps (tape closure)

  • Options:

    Easy lift – finger holes for lifting the insert out of the box together with the bottles, different transport case sizes (3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 bottles)



The strength of the singles.

VinoBoxSelect is designed for small-quantity orders and complements your multi-bottle shipping boxes for full range fulfilment options. Whether a casual wine consumer wants to sample a new wine before ordering a month’s supply, or a high-quality wine producer or specialised online wine shop is sending a gift – it’s always useful to have protective packaging on hand that’s just the right size for any bottle and geared towards the protection requirements of small-quantity shipping (1-3 bottles).


  • Good protection
  • Storage space-efficient inner boxes – flat die-cut sheets
  • Easy handling during assembly (no handling errors)
  • Inner box is always identical and fits into the 1, 2 or 3-bottle outer box


Snapshot VinoBoxSelect

  • Typical use:

    Sparkling and still wines, spirits. 1-3 bottles

  • Features:

    Non-glued / flat-cut primary box, AC outer case, tape closure

  • Options:

    Hot melt self-closure



The fastest way to pack 6 bottles!

VinoBoxSprint is a highly efficient, one-part packaging system for shipping wine bottles. Thanks to a unique gluing technique, the divider insert for six bottles is already fully integrated, so that the box is instantly ready for filling – only the bottom flaps need to be taped.


  • Only one packaging item – simplifies procurement and internal logistics
  • High process speed – increased throughput
  • Enhanced shock protection
  • High stability allows optimal use of material


Snapshot VinoBoxSprint

  • Typical use:

    Wines, 6 bottles

  • Features:

    Integrated insert – pop-up system, shock buffer zones created by spacer noses on the insert, DHL certified

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