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Our packaging portfolio for the eGrocery segment consists of clever designs with different bottom and closure options, as well as inserts and easy opening and carrying solutions. The products are efficient, convenient and sustainable alternatives to the currently available packaging.

We address the issue of temperature-sensitive food with our fully recyclable, insulated solution BCoolBox. When designing products, Mondi always seeks to contribute to a better world and to support recycling, lightweighting and zero loss of the packaged goods.


Our most frequently ordered designs:

Pick&ShipBox PantryBox RecipeBox EatsBox Click&LoadBox Click&EnjoyBox Click&CarryBox




All deals, all wheels

This design is the true eGrocery all-rounder – a single solution for all your eGrocery supply chain needs. From click & collect and parcel lockers to back-pack delivery and own fleet and carrier delivery models, Pick&ShipBox adapts to multiple requirements and offers consumer convenience features, including easy lifting and opening.


  • Typical use

    Universal grocery, all distribution channels – click & collect in store or from parcel lockers, and carrier shipping.

  • Benefits

    Good protection, easy to fold, quick to erect, one box only for all modes of delivery/pick-up, tamper-proof closure

  • Features

    Automatic bottom, foldable handles, easy closure with hotmelt strip

  • Options

    Integrated divider insert variants, easy open, tear tape, no hotmelt strip



From store to pantry.

Time is money when making up your shipments. The PantryBox is made ready for filling simply by pulling up the box and tucking down the bottom reinforcement. No additional materials or steps are needed to close the box.


  • Typical use #1

    Grocery shipping by carrier (sealing closure and no handles)

  • Typical use #2

    Click & collect in store or from parcel locker - general groceries, pantry items and fresh food (with handle and locking system option)

  • Benefits

    Quickly ready to fill, good protection, stackable, tamper-proof closure

  • Features

    Automatic bottom with reinforcement, easy closure with locking system

  • Options

    Easy open, hot melt closure instead of locking system, tear tape, divider inserts, inside printing



See you soon!

No matter whether you deliver weekly subscription menus or fresh produce, RecipeBox is a supremely convenient solution with a fixed lid. Optional holes allow for aeration.


  • Typical use

    Doorstep delivery with own vehicle fleet – seasonal assortments, menu subscriptions, periodical fresh veggie boxes.

  • Benefits

    Sturdy, convenient lid solution, strong for stacking

  • Features

    Flat cut with easy assembly, integrated lid, typical fill volumes 33 and 72 litres

  • Options

    Air holes, hand holes



The fast lane.

The EatsBox is a pull-up design for carrying on delivery bikes and in insulated bags. No pre-assembly of the box is needed –  it’s the fastest way to get your shipment ready. Lightweight board grades can be used because stacking is uncommon in the bike delivery segment


  • Typical use

    Smaller meal and grocery orders – for fast inner-city delivery by bike or scooter.

  • Benefits

    Stands ready for quick filling in one move (pull-up design) – fast process, easy closing, positive customer experience, lightweight packaging, multiple use

  • Features

    Multi-point gluing, flat bottom, hotmelt closure

  • Options

    Easy open, handle, tear tape, inside printing



Take it easy!

The Click&LoadBox supports in-store efficiency thanks to its easy-fold automatic bottom, good accessibility for filling, and stackability despite the open top, which reduces material usage. Hand holes allow convenient loading into cars for carrying groceries home. Also suitable for long items because there’s no lid.

When ordered without stacking ledges, this solution can also be used in store as a regular shopping box.


  • Typical use

    Click & collect – general mixed grocery baskets, for loading into cars and carrying home

  • Benefits

    Cost-efficient, easy to fold, easy to access, stackable, easy lifting

  • Features

    Automatic bottom, stacking ledges, hand holes

  • Options

    Integrated divider insert, stacking tabs, reinforcement tape



Let the good times roll!

The Click&EnjoyBox is designed for assorted holiday home, gift or seasonal promotion packs. It can accommodate even heavy orders while remaining convenient to carry home from a store on foot. The unique design offers compartments for tall products, such as bottles – which are safely separated from other sensitive products in the basket.


  • Typical use

    Click & collect – general holiday and seasonal assortments

  • Benefits

    One piece, highly stackable, safe bottle packing in mixed shipments, easy to carry with one hand, durable for heavier orders

  • Features

    Automatic bottom, one flat cut, easy fold, easy close by locking, reinforcement tape



Pick me up!

The Click&CarryBox offers high strength and stability when packing, as well as a handle for easy carrying. Consumers benefit in particular when carrying home heavier orders, bottles or sensitive items that could be damaged if packed together with other goods in regular paper grocery bags. Quite simply: it handles weight well.

This box is easy to assemble, and prepared orders can be stacked to save storage space.


  • Typical use

    Click & collect, for carrying home  mixed goods and heavy orders.

  • Benefits

    Easy to fold,, stackable, easy to carry, sturdy, stands upright

  • Features

    Automatic, handles, locking system

  • Options

    Divider insert

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