Juicy, fresh and colourful. Fresh produce travels best in corrugated packaging

The best from nature deserves the best protection during storage and transport. Exotic produce travels half way around the globe. Timed to arrive in mint condition and ready for consumers to be refreshed by the products taste or to stay healthy through its vitamins. Corrugated packaging is not only the consumers´ preferred packaging choice for fresh produce, it also offers you a variety of levers to ensure the product can fulfill its purpose at the destination and does not go to waste. Above all that,the printable surface provides a great opportunity to promote the brand appeal. Plus the corrugated construction allows the optimum utilisation of transit space.

We customise to keep your produce happy. Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable (FFV) packaging experts thoroughly investigate with you existing packaging lines, cool chain and humidity conditions as well as logistics specifics. Based on this, the necessary board grade, corner reinforcement, bottom strength and need for humidity protection as well as marketing requirements are taken into account when designing your packaging.

Mondi has a customised answer to virtually any requirement, including for example conical designs with triangular corner reinforcements; handles, ventilation structures, trays specifically designed for automated packaging processes at the packing station; and trays that meet international CF standards that can be combined like building blocks to optimise stackability and improve the logistics flow. Please also ask for our Box Erecting Service through our mobile and stationary machines available in Turkey and adjacent regions.

The natural choice

Corrugated Packaging is a 100% natural product from renewable resources. It is a one-way fully recyclable solution which does not require any sanitation processes.


  • Ecological
  • Customisable
  • Economic
  • Brand awareness through printability

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