Packaging compliance – a worry free task with experts

You give us the challenge - we take care of the ins and outs

Over more than 20 years we have been simplifying the process of certified hazardous goods packaging for our customers, through our standard range offered and through know-how in developing custom made solutions, paired with in-house certification ability.

We work closely together with authorised certification agencies.

In addition to an extensive standard range, we can also provide you with custom made hazardous goods packaging - tested and certified to UN standards.

Our dedicated creative department will support you in producing custom designs. We love the challenge of new special product applications and have extensive know-how to secure even highly explosive goods such as airbags.


You can gain know-how

We provide training sessions , professional advice and information on regulations as well as legal requirements.

A "ready to go" standard range
Certified packaging in 9 standard dimension is waiting for your order – the fast way to get your hazardous goods ready for shipment.

The standard range is approved for all packing groups and available also through a network of distributors throughout Europe. All offered products have been tested as “combination packaging” with different inner packing. Certainly we offer additional drop tests for your individual use.

Easy-Lock is a latching system that allows re-closure of the box without the need for adhesive tape

Airbag packaging
Packed in Durosafe or Durosafe-Light your airbags will easily pass the bonfire test. We offer a wide number of variations and sizes. Feel free to ask – we are happy to advise you.


  • Testing and approval of hazardous goods packaging
  • Approved and certified BAM Berlin (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) test centre for 4G packaging up to 400 kg
  • A sophisticated standard range with 4GV approval for extremely versatile use
  • Many different designs
  • Custom packaging solutions tailor-made to your requirements
  • Professional advice and information

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