The highly versatile container has proved its worth

For example for shipping spare parts in the automotive and auto components industries.

Custom packaging sizes and corrugated board grades enable load capacities of up to 900 kg.

pak-(k)it is ready made and supplied as a flat pack. It only takes one forklift trip to transport the packaging from the warehouse to where it is needed. Additional packaging materials, such as die-cut inserts, film or foam, can be used with pak-(k)it if required.

The side walls, which are attached to the pallet, are folded on the bottom under the lid.

Erecting the container, even a large shipping unit, is quick and no trouble at all for one person.

Our custom packaging sizes and corrugated board grades enable us to meet your product and shipping needs - whether you ship by road, air or sea.


  • Time and space-saving packaging system
  • Integrated pallet
  • Very fast to erect (handling costs)
  • High stackability
  • Custom sizes and corrugated board grades
  • Despite several parts, only one stock item

Other heavy duty solutions

Corrugated automotive solutions

A full range of corrugated products for automotive part transport. From connectors to large spare parts – standard transport to constructive specialties

Large volume & bulk containers

In creating and widening our portfolio of heavy duty transport containers from corrugated board the optimisation of our customers' packaging and logistics processes is at the forefront.


A heavy duty shipping container with its own 100% recyclable pallet feet. Formed from corrugated material. Easy to assemble and adjustable to various sizes. Suitable for all common lifting equipment.


Makes handling of large volume American Cases easy-thanks to an automated bottom. Lift-Pull-Ready to Fill, in half the time. Eliminates cumbersome tape closure of the bottom.


The large shipping and storage container is an all-rounder in every way. Small and space saving as a flat pack for delivery and storage, but a huge asset when in use. One person can erect pak-(k)it alone in a flash.


A truly heavy duty container made from corrugated board with supporting wooden frame - a giant in efficiency and in carrying extremely heavy loads - overseas or on land. The convincing idea and benefits have been awarded with a World Star.