The container with its own feet

The benefits of this container include delivery as a flat pack, easy erection (the pallet feet securely close the bottom) and 100% recyclability. It is available in both standard and custom sizes. pal-box has proved itself millions of times for road, rail, sea and air freight.

Extremely lightweight, the shipping container is particularly suited for air freight, and both materials and dimensions comply with IATA specifications.

As requirements can vary considerably, we have tailored pal-box to specific logistics needs.

A number of pal-box options are available – for a wide range of different applications.


pal-box® variants

pal-box Mini
Under-clearance for very small boxes is achieved with indented feet.

pal-box Maxi
Very large pal-box containers are equipped with four corrugated feet, thus providing optimum stability

pal-box SF (Short Feet)
Pallet feet attached to the end flaps ensure versatility and under-clearance with all standard lifting equipment.

pal-box EL (Easy Locking)
The reclosable pal-box container. Nothing else, such as adhesive tape or straps, is required. Locking flaps securely close the lid panels. The box can therefore be reclosed at any time



  • Supplied as a flat pack, pal-box saves storage space
  • Easy to erect (the corrugated board blocks close the bottom)
  • High stackability
  • Easy to handle (lifting equipment)
  • No import restrictions (IPPC) to cause any issues
  • Lower freight costs than for heavy and unwieldy wooden crates
  • Ideal for air freight (super light)
  • Seaworthy corrugated board grades with wet-strength glue
  • Available in standard and custom dimensions
  • 100% recyclable

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