The rise of shelf ready packaging has transformed retail store concepts – the benefits are paramount

In the light of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) is one of the packaging types that can collect credits on many touch points along the supply chain. To ensure the full potential is unlocked by our designs, we are in close cooperation with retailers and producers alike. Studies have furthermore shown that 76% of purchase decisions are made by shoppers in the store and are thus influenced by visual factors. SRP constitutes an important marketing opportunity.

5 minutes - 20 opportunities

Our design experts frequently conduct store checks for our customers to identify improvement opportunities. They understand the difference a few seconds make in the replenishment process, or the impact a well-designed opening system can have on work-safety and a clean and neat impression of the shelves. Also optimal shelf space utilisation is key when then offering a set of optimal design ideas to the customer.

The store efficiency and sales impact is always at our forefront in the concept development. We then strive to combine the ideal design with utmost transport, storage, filling and packaging efficiency to create a true TCO champion in Shelf Ready Packaging.

We have established a strong position in SRP consulting and support retail enterprises in establishing standards that simplify their processes and support their growth.


This tray and hood solution with special gluing optimizes material usage, ensures quick and clean separation of the transport hood and is easy to dispose.

Hang On Stand

At the shelf the packaging transforms to a self-supporting display that can easily be attached to commonly used display racks, reducing the need for additional racks. SRPs utlimately improve your profitability and drive sales


  • Easy to identify: SRP helps store staff identify products on stock that need to be shelved
  • Easy to open: Opening systems support clean, fast, save and accurate opening
  • Easy to shelve: SRP is sturdy, maintains its shape, prevents products from falling or tipping over, and ensures good stackability and utilisation of shelf space
  • Easy to shop: Customers can quickly recognise brands and different product types
  • Easy to dispose: SRP allows fast flattening, low waste volume, and is made from a single material

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