Challenging the market standard for slim packaging in eCommerce


The corrugated SizeMeMailer sets out to challenge the market standards for slim line packaging in eCommerce. Filling the gap between a mailer and a small box, the SizeMeMailer is a one of its kind solution for quick and smooth height adjustability, always creating a neatly shaped package and avoiding to ship air.

Additionally the pre-glued pull-up design offers a packaging solution that stands ready for filling in an instant, providing all-around effective fulfillment processes, while being 100%recyclable.

The three-tier, height-adjustable construction, quick closure and air reduction fit means faster packing speed, elimination of fillers and space saved in transit. Integrated sidewalls prevent product loss, breakage and unnoticed theft in transport. Altogether, SizeMeMailer creates a better environmental footprint in eCommerce through operational efficiency and recyclable materials.

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ScanStar 2019 award

This e-shop solution was honoured with a ScanStar 2019 award, with the jury highlighting the positive environmental credentials that this innovative product can offer e-retailers. Advantages of The SizeMeMailer include:

  • 100% recyclable made from sustainably-sourced corrugated material
  • Less raw materials used to make the product
  • More cost effective for e-retailers with lower overall packaging costs
  • Adjusts to three different height levels depending on the product to be inserted in the packaging E-retailers spend less on transport/ shipping costs as it takes up less space
  • Tamper resistant due to its integrated side walls so e-retailers spend less on damage/ potential theft

Snapshot SizeMeMailer 

  • Benefits:

    shipping less air, cost effective

  • Features:

    reinforced automatic bottom, overlapping top, double hotmelt strips, tear tape opening

  • Options:

    outside & inside print, inserts, zipper opening

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