The wooden crate concept brought to perfection with paper

stac-pac® provides you with an innovative, weather-resistant shipping and storage solution made of die-cut, heavy-duty corrugated board. Wooden planks are fixed either to the inside or outside of the container via reusable clips (patented). This way a frame of extremely high stability is formed. Designed for super heavy loads.

The wooden frame sits evenly on the carrying pallet allowing for optimum force transmission.

The number of reinforcing boards can be increased for extra-large or heavy items. Other options are also available to suit the weight and size of your shipments.

stac-pac® variants

stac-pac® -SPA (outside) - Top and side planks are attached outside. The entire interior space remains for filling.

stac-pac® -SPD (inside)
- Top and side planks are attached inside the folding box. The top surface remains even.

stac-pac® -SPI 4/2 (inside) - 4 side and 2 top planks form the reinforcement.

stac-pac® -SPI 8/4 (inside) - 8 side and 4 top planks form the reinforcement. For longer and heavy goods.

stac-pac® pal-box combines the Mondi pallet box solution with the stac-pac. This way the container has its own pallet feed from corrugated and wooden material directly attached without the handling involved with standard pallets. The corrugated sleeves are delivered flat and attached to the box ready for filling with wood beams.

Mondi Stac Pac Pal Box


  • Delivered as one flat pack
  • Fast assembly
  • Extremely high stacking strength
  • Filling weights well over one tonne
  • Custom sizes and design options
  • Seaworthy corrugated board grades
  • Low tare (freight cost savings)
  • Pallet substitute

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