e-shop solutions with the 3e factor 

Let´s develop solutions that make your business e-conomic, e-fficient and e-asy. From faster and safer packaging and better use of space and materials, all the way to delighting consumers.

Our e-shop solutions add value and help you save on total cost. Let us together enable your business to grow!

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The principles of the 3e


Reducing costs in the
fulfilment process


Reducing logistics cost,
product and material waste 


Maximising consumer convenience & experience 


Fresh stories out of the box


Featured e-shop solutions


Delight your business and your customers! Ready for packaging with one pull and with one movement it is tightly closed – save time and weight. 


  • Typical use:

    fashion, accessories

  • Benefits:

    fast packing, theft-proof, easy close, easy open and return, unboxing experience

  • Features:

    flat bottom, pull-up construction, double hotmelt strips, tear tape opening, lightweight

  • Options:

    outside and inside print, zipper opening

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The EnvelopeMailer not only offers highly effective protection, but also dispenses with the additional padding often used in plastic or paper shipping bags.  



  • Typical use:

    books, electronics, universal

  • Benefits:

    instantly ready to use, shipping less air, easy close, easy open

  • Features:

    single hotmelt strip, height adjustable, tear tape opening

  • Options:

    outside print, zipper opening

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