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Heavy-duty corrugated solutions can do more than you can imagine. Our bespoke and standard designs can improve processes, ease supply chain complexity, and help your business be more environmentally friendly. If you’re transporting large or heavy products, you can rely on us to create easy to use, lightweight, recyclable packaging that offers an array of benefits compared to traditional non-paper-based packaging systems. Investigate the benefits of corrugated heavy duty transport solutions- and see heavy duty packaging in a whole new light.


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Featured heavy-duty solutions

We offer a full array of standard market designs and our own bespoke developments in configurations, for any project, no matter the size, scale or complexity.  We offer ISTA testing and Dangerous Goods certifications in our on- site accredited laboratory. View here a selection of our solutions. 

Pak-(k)it - the proven shipping and storage container

The large shipping and storage container is an all-rounder in every way. Small and space saving as a flat pack for delivery and storage, but a huge asset when in use. One person can erect pak-(k)it alone in a flash.


  • Time and space-saving packaging system
  • Integrated pallet
  • Very fast to erect (handling costs)
  • High stackability
  • Custom sizes and corrugated board grades
  • Despite several parts, only one stock item

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Pack twice as fast with easy-pak

easy-pak stands ready for packing three times faster than large standard AC Boxes. The clever automatic bottom makes the need for adhesive tape for the bottom flaps obsolete, thus eliminating a handling step. View here how easypak is more sustainable than standard American case solutions


  • Fast, easy handling helps optimise process costs
  • Lower warehousing costs
  • Bottom flaps close automatically when erecting the case
  • Flat base
  • No adhesive tape required for bottom flaps
  • Seven standard sizes; custom solutions available
  • Wide range of dimensions and board grades available
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity

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BikeBox - universal packaging for high-quality bicycles

The BikeBox is the universal packaging system for all types of mountain bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, racing bikes and e-bikes. Our ingenious packaging solution, consisting of the corrugated cardboard box, the accessory holders and flexible paper protective sleeves and wraps (Protector Bags), offers maximum transport security even for single piece distribution with postal or forwarding services.


  • Universal packaging system for all types of bicycles
  • Suitable for all frame sizes from 3XS to 2XL (wheelbase up to "approx." 1,180 mm)
  • Front wheel box suitable for wheel sizes from 26 "to 29“
  • Flexible, paper sleeves and wraps (ProtectorBags) protect frame parts, handlebars and saddles in various designs - available in in various sizes and paper combinations

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