myMondi is the all-in-one service platform for Corrugated Solutions

myMondi, the 24/7 service platform for Corrugated Solutions clients, offers powerful features that will make your everyday business easier. myMondi is easy to use, tailored to your needs and meets the highest security standards. New features and improvements are added on a regular basis.

Simply try it.
Just get in touch with your Mondi sales contact. We will set up the authorization process, send you the log-in credentials and information and support you during onboarding so you can optimise your use of the platform.

Enter myMondi

Benefits around the clock

Easy to use
  • Simple log-in
  • Intuitive navigation
  • 24/7 access
Easy order (coming soon)
  • Re-order products quickly and easily
  • Customized product search
  • Order confirmation
  • Easy access to your product portfolio:
    • product specifications, drawings, pricing, palletization
Easy business
  • Convenient to access, monitor and download reports:
    • orders, invoices, stock, claims

Questions and feedback are welcome. After all, it’s your platform! This is just a starting point for making your daily business routines more convenient. We would be more than pleased to hear from you how we can make myMondi even more useful. Please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Watch the video on how you run your business more efficiently with myMondi