Global market leader of flexible packaging solutions

Flexible Application: used in a wide variety of industries, offering products that are fit for purpose and sustainable by design. Our products not only protect what's inside but make it easy, safe and sustainable to use.

Flexible solutions for the daily life

Our high-quality product range includes pre-made packaging, reels, and high-performance barrier materials. Our commitment to a more sustainable planet include cutting-edge solutions that are recyclable, reduce material consumption, waste and CO² footprint.

Enhance your product with our shelf-appearance and convenience features.

Our main industries

  • Pet food and care
    • Dry pet food
    • Wet pet food
    • Snacks & Treats

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  • Food industries
    • Diary
    • Crisps & snacks
    • Fresh & processed meat
    • Fish & poultry
    • Frozen food
    • Sugar & confectionary
    • Tea & coffee
  • Home & personal care
    • Cleaning products
    • Detergents
    • Hygiene
    • Personal care & cosmetics


Mondi's EcoSolutions approach is about finding the best solution for you, our customer.

We ask the right questions across the value chain to consider the needs of your business, your product and our planet.

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