The lightweight alternative

Are you looking for a cost-efficient, but still safe way to pack e.g. milk, juices, wine, purees or else, as an alternative to glass? Then aseptic carton is a solution with many benefits all along the supply chain: During the packing process, the content in the packaging is sterilised at high temperatures for a short time (HTST). This method doesn’t only maintain the nutritive value of the packed product, but also utilises less energy, as part of the process-heat is recovered through heat exchangers, making it a continuous flow process needing fewer operators.
The material is cheaper than glass or tin cans and it reduces transport costs due to its lower weight. Either if it is pre-sterilised products like milk, juices and soups, or non-sterile products like yoghurt you want to pack, aseptic packaging protects against bacteria, light and vapor and keeps all aroma inside. As a result, the product’s shelf-life is extended.
Eventually, also the end consumer enjoys convenient benefits: The lighter weight makes it easier to carry. Also, for an easier opening and reclosing, different closures are available.

Your Benefits:

  • Cost-efficiency (material, production process and transport)
  • Perfect product protection, extended shelf-life
  • Convenience for end-consumer

Available Shapes:


Available Sizes:


  • Slim Shape

150ml, 180ml

  • Pyramid Shape


  • Slim Shape
  • Base Shape
  • Mid Shape

250 ml

  • Slim Shape
  • Base Shape


  • Slim Shape
  • Base Shape
  • Squared Shape (Reclosures available)

Complementary products

sealing PE, alu foil for closures



milk, juices, wine, cream, cheese, soup,
fruit and vegetable puree