Plastic packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, reducing food waste and increasing convenience. However, there is no doubt that more sustainable consumption and waste management practices are needed. BarrierPack Recyclable answers the market’s need for sustainable alternatives for flexible laminates by offering full recyclability.

Our BarrierPack Recyclable is perfectly suited for food, pet care, home and personal care packaging that adds brand value, appeals to environmentally-minded consumers and supports the circular economy. Change the conversation by offering your customers flexible plastic packaging designed for a circular economy.

Available in:

  • Reel stock for vertical and horizontal FFS lines
  • Pre-made pouches with and without reseal zippers


  • Suitable for mechanical recycling where existing recycling systems are in place
  • Lighter than PET/PE laminates of the same thickness
  •  Works with high-definition flexo and gravure print processes
  • Artwork protection due to reverse printing
  • Stiff laminate stands up and greets shoppers
  • Linear tear without pre-perforation
  • With moisture and oxygen barrier


  • Pet food and care
  • Food
  • Home and personal care

Award-Winning Packaging