An award-winning packaging solution that is designed for a circular economy. Perfectly suited for food, pet care, home and personal care applications.


  • Lighter, stronger and stiffer than PET/PE laminates of the same thickness, wide sealing window, straight and easy opening, zipper available


  • Flexo and roto (up to 10 colours)


  • high oxygen, mineral oil (MOSH/MOAH)


  • designed for recycling - certified recyclability (AAA rating > 95 %)


Mondi sponsored the Bristol Gulls

who rowed in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and packed their food supply in BarrierPack recyclable. The packaging survived the elements and protected their food for 46 days while on board!

“Firstly, the packaging didn’t change the flavour of the food which was great, and the barrier pack itself protected against the elements. The shape and size of the packaging was a good fit for the meals. There were 3 major occasions where the packaging was subjected to rain and salt water; firstly due to a tropical rainstorm whilst the food was laid out for inspection in La Gomera and 2 occasions where our food lockers were flooded on the crossing. The majority of the packaging therefore withstood a decent trial of expedition conditions. None of the food spoilage that we experienced was due to the BPR.”

Read more about their journey here