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Sustainable plastic packaging is evolving faster than the general understanding of the related materials and recycling issues. Industry-wide initiatives are driving the development of recyclable packaging for a circular economy that maximises the lifecycle of plastic and minimises its ecological footprint.

BarrierPack Recyclable, an award-winning new plastic laminate for pre-made pouches, provides positive environmental outcomes and value creation through a sustainable material with performance properties equivalent to conventional materials. It was developed in direct response to the need to reduce plastic waste without compromising on quality or functionality, and it supports the circular economy. 

Award-Winning Packaging


“This innovation shows that flexible plastic packaging can become truly circular. Design for Recycling is key to enable circularity to safeguard precious resources in Europe.”
Ton Emans, President of Plastics Recyclers Europe

“This is an extremely important step forward in the development of barrier packaging materials, which is why they won.”
Karen Laird, Editor of Plastic News Europe


BarrierPack Recyclable provides sustainable alternative

Plastic packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, reducing food waste and increasing convenience. However, there is no doubt that more sustainable consumption and waste management practices are needed. BarrierPack answers the market’s need for sustainable alternatives for flexible laminates by offering full recyclability, validated by extensive trials by CeDo Recyling in the Netherlands, a leader in recycling technologies.

Ton Emans, managing director at CeDo Recycling and president of Plastics Recyclers Europe, said: “Before the European Commission announced a strategy in January 2018 to ensure that all plastics packaging is recyclable by 2030, Mondi had already brought BarrierPack Recyclable to the commercialisation phase. This innovation not only shows that flexible plastic packaging can become truly circular, but also that we can produce, use and recycle it on a large scale. Flexible material designed for recycling is key to enabling circular safeguards of precious resources in Europe.”

“Mondi is committed to developing sustainable plastics using circular economy design approaches, so we are delighted to be able to bring this valuable innovation to market,” says Carl Stonley, Technical Account Manager at Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging.

Benefits for you:

Designed for recycling
• Replaces non-recyclable laminates
• Suitable for mechanical recycling where existing recycling systems are in place

Suitable for conversion on existing packaging lines
• Lighter than PET/PE laminates of the same thickness

Excellent shelf presence
• Works with high-definition flexo and gravure print processes
• Artwork protection due to reverse printing
• Stiff laminate stands up and greets shoppers

Convenient and versatile
• Linear tear without pre-perforation
• With moisture barrier

Benefits for the consumer:

  • In line with environmentally conscious lifestyles
  • Suitable for recycling, where appropriate collection and recycling systems are in place
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to reclose with zipper and to avoid spilling
  • Less weight in the shopping bag


Available for all horizontal and vertical FFS applications. In addition, they can be further processed into customised converted packaging solutions.