Barrier films for the food industry not only ensure manufacturers outstanding aroma protection, but also a longer shelf life for their products. Thanks to their excellent deep drawing properties, thermoforming films from Mondi Styria GmbH fit the shape of the product perfectly. Their gloss and transparency also make for attractive packaging. Our Styria Therm (top web) and Styria Form (bottom web) films have a wide range of applications for both food and non-food products.

We can produce BarrierPack films with up to 14 layers, depending on use and specifications. To achieve the best possible barrier performance, our films are made of polyamide (PA) and EVOH. Special raw materials, such as metallocenes or ionomers, ensure optimum seal integrity, outstanding puncture resistance and hot tack.


  • Excellent aroma, odour and gas barrier
  • High residual wall thickness thanks to uniform gauge distribution
  • Outstanding thermoforming properties and perfect fit for the product shape
  • Extended shelf life for the packaged product


The laminates and films are tailor-made according to customer needs and can have various properties, such as

• Transparent high barrier

• Anti-static

• High sealing strength

• Anti-fog

• Special mechanical attributes



Our printed laminates and barrier material can be used for all horizontal and vertical FFS applications as well as for flow wrapping or lidding. In addition, they can be further processed into customised converted packaging solutions.

Printed laminates and barrier material are mainly used within the following industries:

  • Food
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Pet Food & Pet Care


  • Available in all material combinations (e.g. with SiOx, EVOH or OPA)
  • Depending on the requirements, solvent or solvent-free adhesives are used for laminates with up to five layers
  • Special solutions such as cold seal application, double-sided printing and laminates are available
  • Sterilisation and vacuum packaging are part of our standard product portfolio

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