Mondi’s FlexiBag meets the highest demands for convenient packaging while still being recyclable where recycling streams are in place.


  • Many variations you can choose from (i.e material thickness, mono-or coextruded films, anti-slip variants)
  • Reclosing systems available
  • Shelf stability
  • Liner tear with or without perforation
  • Printable on all sides including the bottom
  • Top and bottom filling possible


  • 100% airtight
  • Moisture & aroma barrier
  • Longitudinal sealing seams
  • Available in HD flexo- and gravure-print
  • Artwork protection due to reverse printing



  • Pet Food & Pet Care
  • Garden
  • Building
  • Food



  • Some variations replaces non-recyclable laminates
  • Sustainable option is suitable for mechanical recycling where existing recycling systems are in place

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