Mondi's FlexiBag meets the highest demands on convenience packaging. Perfectly suited for dry food, dry pet food and care, home improvement, powdery bulk goods applications.


  • 100% airtight, good shelf stability, top and bottom filling possible, good emptying without residue, longitudinal seal seams


  • Flexo and gravure printing on all sides of the bag


  • high fat, aroma, and moisture 


  • Reclosing and opening
    • Top, front & side gusset zippers
    • Top and front sliders
    • Hooded top sliders
    • Hook to hook
  • Handles and bottom
    • Handles: side-gusset handle
    • Bottoms: standard, folded, flat
  • Material technical specifications
    • Material thickness from 50μ to 300μ
    • Mono-or coextruded films
    • Two-and multilayer laminates (PET, PE, PA or PP)
    • Barrier laminates (aluminium, EVOH)
    • Metallised laminates (PET/PE met, PET/PETmet/PE, PE/PE met)
    • Woven material
    • Anti-slip variants
    • UV stability
  • Film properties
    • High bond strength
    • High seal strength
    • High puncture resistance
    • High coefficient of friction (COF)
    • High tear resistance (handle quality)

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