The flat bottom bag offers exceptional steadiness due to its perfect box shape. This also improves visibility on store shelves and enhances the brand appearance.
An important property of this packaging product is its flat, stable base with rounded edges, for excellent stability and easy emptying. This flat bottom bag is the ideal packaging solution for lightweight contents such as cereal, rice, coffee, tea or sugar. In addition, it is also the perfect packaging for dry pet food.


  • Outstanding stability, especially for lightweight products
  • Attractive appearance at POS, either upright or lying
  • Easy opening and reclosing
  • 100% airtight
  • Fresh pack effect
  • Visible content by transparent side gussets (optional)
  • Eye-catching all-over-print with matte or gloss finish


Top zip closure

  • Low profile saves space
  • Easy to handle

Hook-to-hook closure

  • Reliable, easy closing
  • Not much pressure required
  • No precise overlap needed

Top slider

  • Maximum convenience
  • Brightly coloured, customisable slider (optional)
  • Tamper-evident membrane

Hooded top slider

  • 100% contamination protection
  • Sealed tamper-evident membrane
  • Positive closure every time

Print options

Rotogravure printing

  • High-quality solution with excellent reproducibility
  • First class design outputs
  • High-speed printing process above 300m/min.
  • Our maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Applicable on various types of materials or substrates (e.g. OPP, PET, CPP or PE)

Flexo printing

  • Fast-growing printing processes for flexible packaging
  • Print is made with a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material
  • Our maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Additional roto station for either nine colour jobs or to apply lacquers, e.g. cold seal or heat sealable lacquers or inks can also be applied on the reverse side of the film



Pet food and pet care

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