A comprehensive range of lidding films

Lid Pack is an industry leading range of lidding films and heat seal coatings designed to seal to a wide range of trays and base webs including PP/PET/Foils/PVDC/PS/PE.


  • Weld, peel and retortable lidding for PP trays
  • Heat-seal coatings,
  • Integral anti-mist coatings
  • Multi-sealing films
  • Sealing films for foil trays

LidPack Breathable

Optimum lidding for perfect product freshness

Lid Pack Breathable is a range of lidding products specifically developed for chilled retail trays of whole, fresh cut and prepared fruit and vegetables. Based on proprietary in-house lidding technologies, LidPack breathable integrates post-harvest science to optimise product freshness and extend shelf life.


  • Solutions available for PP/PET/Foils/PVDC/PS/PE.
  • Heat-seal and anti-mist coatings available
  • Can be micro laser perforated or macro punched perforated to extend the shelf life of the fresh produce utilising post-harvest science
  • Can be printed using either gravure or flexographic methods in up to 10 colours

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