Stand-up pouches in general, for food and pet food products, are increasingly popular because they're lightweight, can be stored and transported cost-efficiently and are easy to handle for end-consumers. High barrier laminates enable optimal product protection and long-lasting shelf life without loss of vitamins or flavour. The packed product is protected from oxygen, moisture and light.

In terms of convenience, stand-up pouches are true heroes: Single-serve Pouches avoid the frustration for end-consumers of retaining opened half-empty cans or glasses.

Retort pouches, however, are filled with moist or semi-moist foods, sealed and then heat-treated in steam/hot water retort kettles to achieve commercial sterilization (for shelf-stable foods). The shelf life of retort pouches in general is more than one year - even longer than with conventional stand-up pouches.

To guarantee attractive packaging we have developed the anti-staining pouch. Throughout the retort process, the laminate retains its attractive appearance and prevents grease stains and discolouring – even with white designs.


  • Prevention of grease/colour stain
  • Attractive visual appearance
  • Solution for critical filling goods like tomato or chilli dishes
  • Retortability
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Good filling properties on the machines
  • Easy opening with straight tear function
  • Rotogravure or flexo printing possible


  • Euro slot
  • Rounded edges
  • Tear notches with laser perforation
  • Different shapes and bottom constructions


Our pouches are available in various material combinations. The main material substrates used are PET, PE, OPP, CPP, OPA, and aluminium and metallised films. Depending on the requirements concerning enhanced barrier properties, materials such as SiOx and EVOH can be added to the laminates. Thanks to the excellent barrier properties of these materials, an extended shelf life of up to one year can be achieved.

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