Liquids, pastes or loose materials are mostly packed in conventional bottles, canisters or buckets. These are bulky and often quite heavy, leaving end-consumers struggling to transport them home. A convenient, flexible and lightweight alternative for these products is our innovative, patented SpoutBag. It's a spout with screw cap, which is integrated in the top fold, offering convenience and reclosability. Compared to rigid containers or boxes, the patented SpoutBag is lightweight and sustainable due to the reduced amount of material used. It can be easily filled and transported cost-efficiently as the bags are space saving and offer more packs per unit. The handle on the back of the pouch also guarantees easy handling even when holding as much as five litres.

The large communication area is ideal for branding and eye-catching designs. High-quality printing in up to ten colours and using special inks (e.g. metallic) ensure an attractive appearance for potential buyers at the point of sale.


  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Reclosability
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Printing in up to ten colours
  • Sustainable due to less waste (environmentally friendly, sustainable by less transport space)

Print options

Rotogravure printing

  • High-quality solution with excellent reproducibility
  • First class design outputs
  • High-speed printing process above 300m/min.
  • Our maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Applicable on various types of materials or substrates (e.g. OPP, PET, CPP or PE)

Flexo printing

  • Fast-growing printing processes for flexible packaging
  • Print is made with a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material
  • Our maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Additional roto station for either nine colour jobs or to apply lacquers, e.g. cold seal or heat sealable lacquers or inks can also be applied on the reverse side of the film



Home and personal care

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Other industrial products like for instance motor oil, paints and lacquers


  • Can be manufactured from two to five layer composite structures, depending on customer requirement
  • 1 litre up to 5 litre plus other sizes upon request
  • A wide range of spouts and screw caps complement the customisable features of the SpoutBag

The SpoutBag is perfectly suited for liquids as well as pastes or loose bulk materials and can be manufactured in various sizes up to five litres.

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