Get all the benefits of stand-up pouches but with easy to open, easy to use and easy to reclose spouts. Spouts are the ideal closure solution for direct consumption and easier use.

Different laminates enable retort processing, hot-fill or ambient-fill processing, and can be structured to meet your various application conditions and needs. With many options for innovative and creative packaging designs, spouted pouches are gaining more popularity in the consumer goods packaging sector.


  • Easy to open
  • Re-closable
  • Advanced tamper evident cap
  • Retortability
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Matt finish possible
  • Excellent printability for attractive shelf appearance
  • Spouts and closures are available in a range of sizes and shapes and can be fitted to the top center of pouches or in the corners


  • Food
    • baby food, fruit purees, yogurt, smoothies, beverages, ice cream, slushies, energy gels, cereals, soups, salad dressings, and much more.
  • Personal & Home care
    • shampoos, dishwashing liquids, sunscreen, etc.


Spouted Pouch dimensions:

Width: from 80mm up to 140mm

Height: from 100mm up to 140mm

Gusset depth: from 25mm up to 40mm

Filling volume: from 50ml up to 0,75l

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